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Our company is interested in CNC cutting, brushing, production and development of deep-well and submersible pumps. We are also interested in repairs of goods and we produce spare parts for our pumps. Our specialization also includes the non-ferrous foundry industry


Our company is interested in metal cutting on CNC high-precision lathes, on CNC cutting centres and on grinding machines. In process of grinding; we are able to produce round holes. We also work on classical lathes   and we dispose of special lathes which are important for developing and manufacturing of high-quality piece goods.

We produce deep-well and submersible pumps and their spare parts and obviously we offer the services. We are interested in innovation and development of deep-well and submersible pumps not just for small customers but also for industry of explosive environment. Our pumps are high-quality and are made of best-quality materials. Our company is based on many years tradition of producing and we gain success not just in Czech Republic but also abroad. We are able to produce rotary fittings ; of diameter from 10mm to 490 mm and of the length 1400 mm on CNC lathes or on the cutting centres or cutting tables 1200x700 mm on grinding machines of length to 1000 mm and of diameter maximally 280 mm. We can offer drafting of slots in holes by needles to size maximally 16 mm. We also offer presswork, development of new forms for cutting and the mounting of machine sets. Mainly we do lot manufacture of non ferrous cutting, but we can do single-piece work and after the agreement we produce copies and refurbished parts to machines and copies of shafts and shelves.  

Foundry industry

The other work we do is foundry industry of non ferrous metals of maximal weight approximately 300 kg per one piece. We are interested in work with aluminium, casting brass and bronze. We are fully prepared to deliver goods with or without borders. We also make models of cores and moulds. That means that we can do precise foundry industry and we do sand casting.

The project of works

We manufacture shafts, casings, spindles, piston rods, flanges, magnetic boards, weight balances, pulleys, rotors and spirals. We are able to ensure all types of hardening, including surface finish treatment with yellow zinc, blackening, sharps and phosphatising etc.

Deep-well and submersible pumps

In addition to this, we are interested in producing, developing, selling and repairing of pumps. We are able to manufacture spare parts to all types of pumps. We dispose of certificate for special pump GS70 ( 400V ) in explosive environment Ex II 2G cb T3 and for redevelopment of bores on dumping grounds and on the airports, but we also manufacture pumps for classical using.

We are accredited servicemen of world famous marks and we repair and sell marks as Grundfos, Wilo, KSB, Sigma. Závadka, Sigma Lutín and more others.

If you are interested in our range of services, please contact us by e-mail on www.cerpol@seznam.cz , we would like to do the best we can.

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